Are You Stealing From Yourself? – How To Secure Your Own Home

If you aren’t protecting your home to the absolute fullest, you may be stealing from yourself. Of course, it’s never your fault if an intruder decides to break in, but it is your responsibility to put up certain barriers and defences to keep a thief from attempting to enter your home. The more defences you put up, the less likely a thief is to target your home.

To find out if your security is letting you down, head outside and try to steal from yourself. We don’t mean this literally of course, but by examining your exterior you can find out where your vulnerabilities are.

Read on to find out some ways to secure your home against theft and break-ins.


Start with the Doors

Your home’s first line of defence is your front door and any other doors are your second line of defence.

Head outside and look at your doors to see if they’re adequately protected.

Are your doors made from strong materials that are secured firmly by hinges? Consider deadbolts or other strong locks to ensure that the door won’t easily be forced open. Make sure you visibly lock your doors as you leave the house so that a thief can see that you are diligent about security.

Reinforce your existing doors with security doors. Good quality doors like Invisi-Gard are made with Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel, making them corrosion-resistant and incredibly strong. In fact, in order to meet the AS5041-2008 standards, these screens are subjected to an impact test involving being hit with a 40 kg bag five times. It also passes the knife shear test, so you know that it can stand up to even the most intent intruder.


Let There Be Light

The cliché of thieves working in the dark isn’t completely untrue. While break-ins do happen at all hours, one thing that home invaders tend to look for is reduced visibility.

When you stand outside your home at night is it well-lit or completely dark? Consider sensor lights or even bright lights that you can leave on overnight. Sufficient lighting for your exterior will ensure that a thief cannot get away with anything under the cover of darkness. It’s also another important visual deterrent that can help to protect your home.


Install Security Systems

Take a walk down your street. Do your friends and neighbours have visible security systems? It sort of goes without saying, but if you really want to keep your home safe, installing a good security alarm is an important step. The sound of your alarm will have two benefits – it alerts you to potential hazards and scares off would-be thieves.

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