Interesting Insect Solutions for Your Home

Bugs, flies, insects and mosquitoes – nobody likes them but in Australia, they’re just a part of life. We may have to tolerate these pesky pests, but we don’t have to welcome them into our homes. So, how do you keep the bugs at bay?

Discover some tried and true remedies and some brand new techniques as we explore how to keep your home insect-free.


Fly Screens

Installing some fly screens on your windows and doors is the perfect way to keep the insects clear of your home. Fly screens prevent the flies, mozzies and moths from getting into your home and causing you a nuisance. They also help to increase your home security and improve the resale value of your property.



A combination of citronella candles, oil and incense is a great way to repel insects. Citronella works by masking scents that are appealing to insects, so they choose to buzz around elsewhere. Citronella is a safe, non-toxic solution to insects. Feel free to use it without worrying about harming your children or pets.


Got Ants?

Ants are a common household problem and once they get into your home they’re usually there to stay. Try these easy, homemade solutions before calling the exterminator:

  • Mix a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar and wipe where you spotted the ants. The solution will destroy their pheromone trails and keep them away
  • Sprinkle coffee grounds around your home. The ants hate the smell and will steer clear.



Spiders are scary at best and life-threatening at worst, especially for pets and small children. Try these spider-repellent tricks:

  • Mix lavender oil, citronella oil, cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil and citrus oil with some water and spray it around
  • Spray a mixture of white vinegar and coconut oil on the webs.





Cockroaches are perhaps the most unwelcome insect that you can think of. To keep these pests away from your home, try the following solutions:

  • Mix equal parts garlic, cayenne pepper powder and white onion into some water and boil. Spray the mixture where you spot cockroaches
  • Place small pouches of dried catnip in the corners where the cockroaches gather. It contains a natural repellent
  • Mix borax powder and sugar in equal parts and spread it around where you find cockroaches. They’ll feast on it and die as the Borax destroys their digestive tract.



Electronic Solutions

Electronic mosquito repellents work by emitting ultra-high frequencies that are unbearable to the mozzies. Not only will you have a mosquito free space, you’ll also feel as though you’re in a Sci-Fi film! We’re in the digital age, after all!



Looking for Fly Screens in the Eastern Suburbs? 

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