Refurbishing Security Doors

Refurbishing Security Doors

Second hand security doors can be CHEAP! Nobody wants them apart from the aluminium recyclers… There’s a good reason for that – they hardly ever fit on another doorway. We take up to FIFTEEN separate measurements to make one single hinged security door fit to your very unique door jamb.

On the other hand, sometimes people decide that the cost of a brand-new door is too significant.

So, let’s just say that you have a perfectly well-fitting door but it’s not up to date with your house. What can you do with it?

Rusty old steel doors will always be that – RUSTY. Unless rusty is the look you’re going for, trying to remove the corrosion with sandblasting and re-protecting the surface can be too difficult and costly.

If the door isn’t corroded or structurally compromised, you may be able to have it re-powder coated. This can work on doors with an existing powder coated finish. Just make sure your chosen powder coater will treat the door correctly to ensure a good bond and reduce the chance of flaking. Before sending the door to your powder coater, make sure you have removed all potentially flammable materials, steel straps (if your doors hold wire in that manner), furniture (handles and door closer) and bug strips. You may be able to leave the hinges attached – often the powder coater will use the holes in the hinges to hang the door in the kiln.

Fleming Security Doors & Screens doesn’t powder-coat doors. So why would we be throwing work away? Well, once you’ve finished powder-coating and making your old door look new again, you’ll need a matching coloured (or at least new) lock set, door closer and a rewire.

With 28 standard manufacturing colours and handles to match almost all of them, we’re sure we’ll have what you need and we can fit it to your door in the factory (installation of striker plates and closer brackets to jamb obviously not included). We can also assist in changing your cylinder over if you need a new key.

Most commonly, we’re used for REMESHING! On your way home, you can drop the door in to have it layered with fiberglass, aluminium, stainless fly wire or one-way vision mesh. More recently, customers have been requesting our “slash-proof” type Alugard and Outlook mesh as a more secure backing.

We also offer a pick-up/re-installation service for a reasonable fee.

Call us, email us or drop in to our showroom for a look at our products and prices.