Avoid The Fear and Loss of Burglary With a Security Door

Avoid the Fear and Loss of Burglary with a Security DoorHand holding a crowbar in front of a door

Household burglary is one of the most widespread crimes in Australia. According to the Australian Institute of Criminology the year 2009-2010 saw 335 700 break-ins, and 36% of Australians

believe their house will be burgled in the next year.

The suffering inflicted by break-ins is not just from material losses, it’s also the thought of a stranger violating the sanctuary of your home that can cause great psychological distress. One of your greatest assets in the fight against household burglary is a security door.

Read on to find out how security for doors and windows can protect your home and your family.

Tougher than Ordinary Doors

The most common means by which criminals attempt to access your property is the front or back door. Disturbingly, studies have found that the locks of many ordinary household doors will fail under the pressure of just one or two significant blows. A sturdy security door, on the other hand, can take far more punishment. No burglar is going to get through one without time and sophisticated tools – things people who are conducting random break-ins generally don’t have.

Deter Thieves

Sometimes the best defence against burglary is to convince potential intruders your house is simply too difficult to rob. The kind of criminal who breaks into residential homes is looking for soft targets where he can smash, grab, and run. Installing intimidating security doors will convince most criminals that your house is not worth their time, especially if it is part of a visible security system with sensor lights, alarms, and ideally cameras.

Other Benefits of Security Doors and Screens

As well as deterring criminals and stopping them accessing your home, security doors also bring financial and lifestyle benefits.

Lower Insurance Premiums

The majority of insurance companies will lower the cost of insurance if you have beefed up your defences with home security doors. Premiums for home insurance are calculated partly on the likelihood of a break in actually occurring – by reducing that likelihood you reduce the premium.

Safety and Comfort

Wanting to stay safe shouldn’t mean being barricaded in an airless house. Luckily many products for door and window security come as screens, so you can keep out thieves – and bugs – but let fresh air in. This will also make cooling your home easier and save you money on air conditioning.

Protect Your Home’s Entrance

Even without a burglar trying to knock them in, entry doors can become damaged by the elements. Even modern doors, which are better designed for durability, are susceptible to damage if hit with heavy rain, wind, or debris from a storm. Replacing an entry door is expensive, and a damaged one will reduce your home’s energy efficiency in winter, make your home more tempting to criminals, and also just look awful.

Security doors can help protect entryways, ensuring your doors last longer and look better.

Find Peace of Mind with a Home Security Door

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