Grille vs. Diamond Pattern Screens

When it comes to choosing a screen door that you want for your home, there are plenty of different options. There are see-through design made of aluminium mesh, such as the INIVIS-GARD or ALU-GARD, but for a more classic look, you can’t go past pattern screens.

Here at Fleming Security Doors & Screens in Melbourne, we carry two ranges of pattern screen doors: Grille and Diamond. There are a few differences in each, so we will go over them here to give you a better idea of what you can get from each so you can make a better decision of which one to buy for your home.

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Grille Doors

We carry two types of pattern grille doors: Alspec Aluminium Cast Panels and Titan Security Doors. Both offer a range of classic and elegant styles, grate shapes and colours for both doors and window grilles to suit the general aesthetics of your contemporary home while providing excellent security. In fact, both can be custom designed and built so that you get the specifications, size and colours you want, whether it be for sliding or hinged doors, as well as windows.

ALSPEC’s cast panel grilles are made up of strong and durable recycled aluminium that wont rust up, making it the environmentally safer choice. In addition, the range of designs makes this truly an exciting purchase. From lovely arches to delicate floral patterns, you can feel safe from intruders and insects in your home while adding an eye-catching decoration.

Titan security doors are welded for extra strength with a non-corrosive marine grade 316 stainless steel. It’s not named after the strong Greek primeval deities for nothing! The patterned grille doors also feature single point deadlocks, which you can upgrade to a three point locking system. Neither intruders nor rust will penetrate the Titan doors, as they are galvanised for superior rust protection.

Diamond Grilles

We carry Darley’s range of diamond pattern aluminium security grilles. While there is less range with these types of grilles for patterns, they still provide your home with excellent aesthetics, as well as security. You can even have them custom fit and coloured to suit your needs, whether you want them for window security screens or hinged doors.

The two designs that we carry are: Standard 7mm Diamonds (for sliding or hinged doors, or medium to large windows) and Decorative Diamonds (for a more dynamic look anywhere).

Our diamond grilles are extra sturdy so you have peace of mind in the security of this product. If you like, you can even have them fitted with one-way mesh so that you can see out, but those outside cannot see in.


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