Guide to Avoiding Risky Situations – Home Theft

Household theft is one of the most common crimes in Australia, with an estimated 335,700 break-ins recorded in 2009-2010. Approximately one home is burgled every two minutes in Australia, and 36 percent of Australians believe that their house is likely to be burgled. If you fear that you might be at risk of home invasion, there are steps you can take to actively avoid the situation.

Here are a few things you could do to keep your home, your family and yourself safe from home thefts.


Always Lock Your Doors and Windows

About 66 percent of break-ins happen through an unlocked door or window. That’s a staggering number that could easily be avoided if you just remember to lock all your doors and windows. Don’t forget about the second floor either. It’s not too high up for a deliberate intruder, so make sure to cut away any branches that could assist a criminal with a climb.

Thieves often watch your home and your actions before attempting a break-in. if they notice that you’re the type to lock your doors and windows, they might think twice about robbing you.


Reinforce Your Windows and Doors

Even if you do lock your doors and windows, an intent intruder can still break in. That’s why it’s important to reinforce them with deadbolts and other strong locks. Change out your windows for tempered or plexiglass, or something that can withstand more of an impact.

Another very good idea would be to invest in security doors and window screens.

A lighter version would be something in a pattern or diamond grille made of a strong aluminium. There are also more dependable options like Invisi-Gard and Alu-Gard. Both are see-through security doors that can withstand significant force from an intruder. In fact, Invisi-Gard, made of Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel mesh and an aluminium frame. It has passed many Australian safety standards, such as the Knife Shear test and the Dynamic Impact test.


Keep Your Yard Clean

Thieves target homes that look as if nobody cares about them. If you’re too lazy to maintain your own yard, chances are you’re too lazy to be taking steps to enhance your home security. In addition, an overgrown yard can provide some cover for a thief that is trying to break into your home.


Rely on Friends and Neighbours

You’ve probably heard the expression “there’s safety in numbers” and this applies to nearly all forms of security. It’s safer to travel together, to tackle emergencies together, and to protect your property together.

We’re not necessarily talking about a neighbourhood watch – although that can be a worthwhile idea – we’re just talking about looking our each other.

Ask neighbours to collect your post and keep an eye on your house when you’re away and you can do the same thing for them. Visit your elderly neighbours regularly and help them with their gardening if necessary. Make sure every house on your street is secure, presentable and protected and you will create a safer street for everyone!

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