How Can A Flyscreen Enhance Your Home?

How Can A Simple Flyscreen Enhance Your Home?Image of security doors opened

The sound of a screen door creaking and slamming in the breeze is part of the Australian psyche. But too often those charming old screens aren’t doing their job very well – find out how upgrading to high quality mesh fly screens can help ventilate your house, keep you safe from intruders both big and small, and generally enhance your well-being.

Fresh Air

No one likes a stuffy house full of stale air, especially not in summer. The only thing worse is batting a fly away from your dinner or being covered in mosquito bites. A good quality screen door solves both these problems. Let a breeze in the back door on hot summer evenings without worrying about mosquitos. Or open the window a crack on a winter’s night just so can snuggle deeper under your quilt – without wondering what might crawl in.

Greener Cool

A house without fly screens can tend to rely on air conditioning to keep cool. In Australia, where almost everywhere is stinking hot for some of the year, this can mean big power bills and big carbon footprints. Being able to open your doors and windows without worrying about bugs allows you to cool your home naturally. By opening low windows on the cool side of your house and high windows opposite you can actually create a cooling breeze through convection.


Don’t let potentially disease-spreading insects set up camp in your kitchen or pantry. Good quality sliding insect screen doors or mesh fly screens on windows can keep these intruders out and make your home more hygienic.


There is an even darker side to insects coming into your home – bloodborne disease. Australian mosquitoes can be carriers of serious diseases that can be passed onto humans through bites. Think Murray Valley encephalitis virus, Ross River virus, Barmah Forest virus and dengue fever. These are all really bad news, but the good news is a simple screen door can keep them out.

Security and Comfort

Investing in a more secure fly screen security door means you can leave doors open to get a breeze but not worry about making your house vulnerable to intruders while you relax. Security screen doors hold the mesh in place in a vicelike grip and are tougher and heavier, making them a great deterrent for intruders.

Insects out, sandman in

Sleep is very important to your physical health and mental well-being. Not getting enough sleep can increase your risk of heart disease, heart attacks, diabetes, and obesity, and reduces your sex drive, happiness levels, and ability to think clearly. Don’t let a flapping moth, buzzing fly, or dreaded whirring mosquito ruin your slumber – keep them out with a fly screen.

Secure your home

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