Importance of Having a Good Security Door

When you’re coming up with ways to protect your home from insects and intruders, your first thought might be to install some good security doors. Having high quality security doors not only adds to the aesthetic of your home, it also gives you added security in your home by protecting your front or sliding doors from intruders.

What Makes a Good Security Door?

Security screen doors are perfect for those scorching summer days when you just want to leave the door open to let in the breeze but cannot be bothered worrying about insects and possible intruders.

Australian Standards

When you’re looking for a proper screen door, you want it to protect you against more than just flies. That means that you should find one that meets and exceeds Australian Standard AS5038-2008, as well as the installation standard of AS5040. At Fleming Security Doors & Screens in Melbourne, all of our doors are manufactured with Australian Standards, from our INVISI-GARD to our Titan Security Doors.

H3: The Material

The best materials, and really the only ones that you should consider, are steel and aluminium. Aluminium is less prone to corrosion while steel is the most effective material for security. A combination of both couldn’t hurt!

For example, our INVISI-GARD doors are made with woven stainless steel wiring and supported by an EGP retention system, made of a strong, absorbent aluminium frame. Our ALU-GARD is made of a strong, non corrosive aluminium sheet that’s perforated and powder coated, and the frame is also made of aluminium.

If you’re going with grilles instead of see-through mesh or sheet, you want the cords to be thick, but most importantly, you want them to be fixed to the frame properly. Our Titan Security Doors are welded together from both tubular and solid marine grade stainless steel for added strength, whereas our ALSPEC doors are also strong aluminium castings.

The Locks

What’s a door without locks? All of our doors feature some sort of locking feature. For ultimate safety, a three point lock system should prevent the top or bottom of the door from being wrenched by an intruder. Our Titan and INVISI-GARD doors, for example, are fitted with three point locks. Fleming uses Austral locks and closers, they are Australian owned and manufactured in Blackburn, Victoria.

The Look

Stainless steel mesh doors give you the security without spoiling your view outside, so it’s almost like looking through a fly screen. Perforated sheets give you a similar look and feel, but they are a bit on the cheaper side. Grilles may obstruct your view, but the patterns can be quite aesthetically pleasing, giving your home an elegant Victorian feel.

We hope we’ve convinced you of the importance of having a screen door. Need some more help deciding on which type of security door to go for? Contact us in Melbourne today for a free quote.