The Best Rooms in Your Home to Install Fly Screens

When people think of fly screens, they usually think about keeping pesky pests out of their homes. While this is their number one purpose, there are actually quite a few functions that a fly screen can fulfil. In fact, fly screens are a valuable addition to many rooms in your home.

Fleming Security Doors & Screens will take a look at the best rooms in your house to install fly screens. Read on to find out!


Living Spaces

Do you have living spaces that open up to your front or back yard? If so, it may be worth investing in sliding insect screen doors. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, they’ll keep the pesky bugs away. You won’t have to reach for that toxic fly spray or fumble with a swatter. Secondly, you’ll add an extra level of security to your home, improving its resale value and also giving you peace of mind. Thirdly, it allows for those refreshing breezes to drift through your home while you relax after work and on the weekends.


In the Bedroom

Your bedroom is probably the most practical space where you can install fly screens. Again, not only will they keep out the mozzies at night, they’ll also improve your security and comfort. Security screens also help you to air out your room. Here’s a handy tip – once a week throw open your windows and let some fresh air in. Not only will your bedroom smell better, you’ll find that your spirits get a little lift as well!


The Bathroom

On first glance, you may not think that the bathroom would be a good place to install mesh fly screens for doors or windows. Actually, the bathroom is a perfect place for fly screens.

First of all, bugs and insects don’t discriminate on entry-points. The little critters are happy to get in anywhere they can. Also, having fly screens on your windows helps to increase the ventilation in your bathroom. Extra ventilation helps to reduce the moisture that builds up in bathrooms, which will stop mould from developing. Mould can be a serious health concern, so for the sake of your wellbeing, consider installing fly screens. Contact Fleming security and screens in Melbourne!


The Kitchen

Your kitchen is another room that benefits from a decent amount of ventilation. The odours from cooking tend to linger, so being able to air your kitchen out is a great advantage. Also, kitchens are usually quite well lit – which makes them a beacon for flying insects. Some fly screen mesh on your kitchen windows will keep the bugs at bay.


After Fly Screens in Melbourne?

Are you looking to upgrade your windows and doors with some fly screens? Please feel free to get in touch with Fleming Security Doors & Screens. We have a range of options available to suit you. Give us a call today on 9761 9377.