The Best Security Doors and Screens For Your Home

The Best Security Doors and Screens for Your HomeImage of a brick house

In earlier posts we discussed the benefits of screens for your doors and windows. Let’s recap some of those benefits and look at the wide range available at Fleming Security Doors and Screens.

Benefits of Fly Screens

A well-installed insect screen allows you to bring in a breeze while keeping out the bugs, ventilate your home to save on air-con, and protects you from unhygienic insect intruders and disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Benefits of Security Screens

Security screens give you all the benefits of more basic fly screens plus much more.

Home security doors and window security screens keep intruders out of your house and deter them from even trying to enter. Security doors and screens can also lower your home insurance premiums and protect your entry doors from damage.

Fleming’s Range

Fleming Security Doors and Screens have a wide range of products to meet your home protection needs.

Fly screens

Aluminium Meshing

Our aluminium screening is more durable than typical fiberglass mesh and has fire retardant qualities.

Stainless Steel Meshing

Our stainless steel insect screening is some of the most durable on the market.

Size and colour

All screens and meshes are custom made so you’ll have a perfect fit. We can also powder-coat our frames to your preferred colour.

Security Doors and Screens

ALSPEC Diamond Pattern Security Grilles

The ALSPEC diamond grilles are made with specially tempered aluminium for greater strength and security. They can be used for doors or windows and are an attractive security solution, with a range of designs from standard diamonds to more elaborate decorative diamonds.

All ALSPEC diamond grille products also come with the option of one-way mesh to reduce visibility while allowing you to see out.

ALSPEC Cast Panels

The incredible range of colours and designs available in the ALSPEC Cast Panels range make it perfect for those seeking security and beauty for their home. The Cast Panel range is made with recyclable aluminium and is durable and non-rusting.

They can be powder coated to suit any colour and each grille is custom-made to fit your measurements. ALSPEC Cast Panels can be used on hinged doors, sliding doors, and for window screens.

With designs ranging from regal spears and diamonds to swirling floral lines you are guaranteed to find something eye-catching for your home.


These security screens are stylish, modern and incredibly tough. Made from marine grade high tensile stainless steel wire and treated with anti-corrosive and UV-protecting coatings, INVISI-GARD will keep your home safe for years to come. All screens are custom-built for your needs, and can also be incorporated with ALSPEC aluminium frames for a more traditional look.


ALU-GARD security screens are the ultimate in strength and durability. It is made from 2mm thick aluminium sheets riveted into place in a frame and perforated for visibility. ALU-GARD won’t keep out insects, but could be put over a regular flyscreen easily. ALU-GARD screens are custom-built and coloured for your needs, and can be used for everything from sliding doors to window coverings to secure fencing.

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