The Role of a Security Screen

While there are many different lines of defence against everything from the elements and insects to intruders and peering eyes, the role of a screen in security should not be underrated.

When it comes to insects, installing a fly screen instead of opening the door is a fine solution. You can let in the fresh air without letting in the pesky bugs too. While just any fly screen might keep away the bugs, you will have a harder time with intruders, so choose a screen that has reinforced strength for added security.

At Fleming Security Doors & Screens in Melbourne, we care about the safety and security of our customers. That’s why all of our screens for doors and windows are carefully manufactured by Australian standards of safety to withstand more than the mosquitoes. Let’s explore the role of a screen in security.

Reinforced Strength

All of our screens are either made of aluminium or stainless steel, the only two materials worth your time if you are after a screen that can hold its own against burglars and bugs. For a screen to pass AS5041-2008 standards, it must pass a series of rigorous tests, including impact tests and knife sheer tests, among other. If it has passed this test, like the products in our product range have, you should feel safe knowing that you have an added layer of defence against intruders.

For example, our INVISI-GARD is our strongest screen yet. It’s made of woven 316 marine grade stainless steel that is near impossible to cut or impact. In addition, it, like our ALU-GARD, is made of all aluminium and is incredibly resistant to corrosion.

A Clean Screen Means You’re on Top of it

If a burglar were trying to case your house, they might notice things like clutter in the front yard or a broken screen door. Having a clean and sleek screen on your door or window will immediately signal to a potential intruder that you see to the upkeep and maintenance of your home and will not be an easy target.

You Can See Out, but They Can’t See in

In some cases, you can purchase a type of screen that allows you a full view of outside while obstructing the view of those outside into your home. For example, our ALSPEC diamond pattern grilles are made with one-way mesh for your added peace of mind. N-FORCE is another new product from Fleming, a clear view mesh security door from inside and with one way vision for privacy from the outside.

Don’t Forget the Windows

Even if you’re on the second floor of your home, you should always make sure you have protection from intruders. A proper screen made of tough aluminium or stainless steel will allow you to keep your window open without the fear of an intruder breaking through. We even make INVISI-GARD into window screens for ultimate protection.


Screens play a bigger role in home security than you might think. Give your home an extra layer of security, and give us a call in Melbourne today for a free quote.