Why Security Doors Are A Must-have For Your Home?

Security Doors: A Must-Have for a Safe HomeStranger looking in through an open door

You get home from work and something isn’t right. The front door is hanging open, the wood damaged. Light shines off broken glass just beyond the threshold of your home. You’ve been robbed.

Sadly, this scenario is all too common, with burglary one of the most widespread crimes in Australia today. Hundreds of thousands of burglaries occur every year, and more than a third of Australians say they fear becoming victims in the near future.

Break-ins cause material and financial loss, of course, but they are also emotionally distressing. Many people who are robbed report no longer feeling safe in their own homes, and children in particular can be traumatised by the experience.

One of your greatest assets in the fight against household burglary is a security door. Read on to find out how security for doors and windows can protect your home and your family.

Tough on Crime

The most obvious way security doors help protect your home is simply by being tougher than other doors. A good one can take a lot of punishment without giving way, and picking their sturdy locks would require time and tools that most burglars won’t have. In contrast, most standard front doors will give way under a few solid blows.

The front door is the favoured entry point for most intruders, and once they are firmly deterred by a security door many will give up.


An intimidating steel security door will convince most robber that your house isn’t worth the time and risk to break into. Petty criminals are not equipped for sophisticated break-ins and rely on smash and grab tactics. A house that looks well protected with a security door and, ideally, alarm systems and sensor lights, will quickly get bumped off a thief’s hit list.

Other Benefits of Security Doors and Screens

As well as deterring criminals and stopping them accessing your home, security doors also bring financial and lifestyle benefits.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Premiums for home insurance are calculated partly on the likelihood of a break in actually occurring – by reducing that likelihood with a security door, you reduce the premium.

Safety and Comfort

Heavy duty steel mesh products like INVISI-GARD combine the breezy benefits of a screen door with security. Wanting to stay safe shouldn’t mean being barricaded in an airless house and security screen doors will allow you to cool your home while keeping out unwanted pests both insect and human.

Protect Your Home’s Entrance

Even without a burglar trying to knock them in, entry doors can become damaged by the elements. Even modern doors, which are better designed for durability, are susceptible to damage if hit with heavy rain, wind, or debris from a storm. Replacing an entry door is expensive, and a damaged one will reduce your home’s energy efficiency in winter, make your home more tempting to criminals, and also just look awful.

Security doors can help protect entryways, ensuring your doors last longer and look better.

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